New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

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Are you tired of rising boiler costs?

The financial burden of maintaining and running an old boiler is significantly increasing year on year.

Don't be without your boiler when you need it most

Sleep soundly knowing your home is winter-proof.

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Modern boilers are energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run.

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New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton


Reap The Benefits

The financial burden of maintaining and running a boiler is significantly increasing year on year.
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

High Energy Bills: Old boilers can skyrocket your bills. Save money with efficient heating.

New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

Emergency Repairs: Winter breakdowns are costly and stressful. Be proactive!

New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

Safety Concerns: Old boilers can pose risks. Ensure your family's safety with a modern system.

New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

Cold Spots in Home: Avoid uneven heating and those dreaded cold spots.

New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

Comfort for Vulnerable: Protect the elderly and kids from harsh cold.

New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

Unexpected Cold Showers: Imagine stepping into a shower only to be greeted by icy water. An aging or malfunctioning boiler can rob you of the comfort of consistent hot water, turning daily routines into chilly ordeals.

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Our Range


Worcester Greenstar 1000

The boiler for price and space-sensitive homes. The Greenstar 1000 fits into a standard cupboard and is the perfect solution for smaller homes and budgets.

£ 1997 OR £22pm
  • Guaranteed - 5 years peace of mind^
  • Bosch quality - Great design at a lower price
  • Compact - Kitchen cupboard ready
  • - No more wasting water waiting for it to heat up
  • Simple controls - Easy to use, clear controls to manage your heating
  • Efficient - A-rated for optimum energy efficiency and lower bills

Worcester Greenstar 4000

Built on all the tried, tested and much-loved features of the Greenstar i, the Greenstar 4000 is instantly familiar and yet totally transformed in appearance

£ 2597 OR £29pm
  • Wide power range helps to reduce gas consumption and lower energy bills
  • Innovative 'Quick Tap' water saving function helps you reduce water waste
  • The modern new design comes with an easy to use colour display
  • One of the quietest combi boilers available, making it easy to live with
  • Operates extremely well in low water pressure areas, ensuring powerful and warm showers
  • Features wireless connectivity with the Bosch EasyControl
  • Suitable for small to medium homes

Worcester Greenstar 8000 Life

Greenstar 8000 Life, available in white, keeps all of the tried, tested and much-loved CDi Classic features, and improves on everything else.

£ 2997 OR £33pm
  • Available with our longest ever guarantee
  • Modern new design
  • Improved boiler display screen with easy to push control buttons
  • Ideal for larger homes with more than one bathroom
  • Wirelessly connectivity with our smart thermostat, the Bosch EasyControl


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Frequently Asked Questions

We install a range of high-efficiency gas boilers from leading manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, Ideal, and Viessmann. This includes combination, system, and regular boilers.

A straightforward gas boiler installation usually takes 1-2 days to complete. This includes the installation itself, plus any required pipework, flue and wiring modifications.

Yes, as Gas Safe registered engineers, we handle the entire process of obtaining building regulations approval with your local authority on your behalf.

To replace your gas boiler, we will drain down the old boiler, remove it safely, install the new boiler, connect it to existing pipework, flues and the gas supply, and perform all safety checks and a test firing.

We aim to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. For most of the installation you will be without hot water and heating, however gas and electricity supplies to the property will be unaffected.

Yes, we will remove and dispose of your old gas boiler in an ethical, eco-friendly manner when fitting your new energy efficient boiler. There is no extra cost for this.

Our gas boiler installations come with manufacturer and installer guarantees, typically covering parts and labour for 5-12 years. We only fit boilers from reliable brands.


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