The Best Combi Boiler Brands to Choose from in 2022

The Best Combi Boiler Brands to Choose from in 2022


For everyone living in The United Kingdom, it is clear that winter has arrived. As many homeowners look to heating their homes efficiently during the winter period, some might turn to the idea of buying a new boiler.

Upgrading your boiler is a great way to save money long-term as new systems are much more effective and can reduce your costs on bills. However, the question remains, which boiler is best? Here are our top recommendations for combi boiler brands.

What to look for

To start your search for the best combi boiler, you’re looking for these crucial features:

  • A reliable brand – By checking out previous reviews of any boiler brand, it can provide an insight into how their boilers perform. So whether you discuss this with your friends and family or look online be sure to do some in-depth research.
  • The right size for your home – Boilers are designed for a variety of property sizes. Ensure to find a brand that offers boilers suitable for you, otherwise, you could run into problems down the line.
  • Durable – During the winter period, your boiler will be used extensively. Finding a brand that is known for its quality boilers that won’t break down is essential. The last thing you want is to have the boiler break down and leave you in the cold. On average boiler repairs cost £200 to repair.
  • Produces Results – Saving costs is great, although you want to make sure your new boiler is able to provide you with high amounts of hot water for heating and showers without it suddenly turning cold.

Why is a combi boiler different from others?

A combi boiler doesn’t require a hot water cylinder or cold water feed tank, therefore if you’re restricted by space in your home this is definitely the boiler type you want.

They heat hot water when needed rather than a certain amount beforehand, which is great for efficiency. Keep in mind, because of this they are suited for smaller households so you’re not using loads of hot water at once.

Our suggested boilers brands


Viessmann Combi Boilers – A Good, efficient boiler, nice and quiet with a long warranty for peace of mind. They are not as well known in the UK but have a very good reputation and are becoming more popular after receiving Which best buy awards. They are quiet, very efficient, and totally reliable.

Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers – Another  German manufacturer with a very high presence in The UK, Worcester is a reliable manufacturer with its vast range of boilers. Catering for all types of households, you would have no problem finding a suitable boiler that fits what you are looking for.

Baxi Combi Boilers – Baxi is one of the biggest UK combi boiler producers. With many great boilers to choose from, Baxi is known for its high-grade boilers at reasonable prices. If you purchase a Baxi boiler, you will also receive a warranty agreement that covers you if you run into any problems.

Vaillant Combi Boilers – Another widely known German Manufacturer is Vaillant, known for powerful boilers. Their range of boilers is more expensive than others as they focus more on the premium side of the market. If you’re unphased by this and the prices meet your budget you can be assured you will receive a sophisticated boiler with amazing customer support if needed.

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