Landlord gas safety check

Ensure compliance and safety with a comprehensive gas safety check from New Age Boilers.

CP12 Gas safety certificates are a legal requirement for landlords in the UK. Ensure you are compliant by booking your regular landlord gas safety check.

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New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton

Southampton landlord gas safety checks

The law currently states that all landlords must have a valid CP12 Gas Safety Certificate for any property they are renting out. UK landlords with gas appliances and fittings – including central heating, boilers and flues – must conduct an annual safety check conducted. This certificate must be issued by a Gas Safe approved engineer, and lasts for 12 months. At New Age Boiler Installations our team are all fully qualified and registered to issue landlord safety certificates. 

In order to keep compliant as a landlord, you are responsible for the maintenance of the gas pipes, appliances and flues of all items that are part of the property. Services should be carried out in accordance with the appliances’ manuals or at least annually, and you should keep records of the services. A copy of the records also need to be given to your tenants. The checks carried out by a Gas Safe engineer must ensure that the appliances are working correctly, with no signs of faults. The inspection will also check that no dangerous fumes are escaping.

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New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton
New Age Boiler Installations - Southampton


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Gas Safety Check

Frequently Asked Questions

A Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a CP12, is a legal document that confirms all gas installations, appliances, and systems in a rented property have been inspected and deemed safe by a Gas Safe registered engineer, such as New Age Boilers. This inspection includes checks for gas leaks, adequate ventilation, correct operating pressure, and proper functioning of safety devices. It’s crucial because it ensures the safety of tenants, and landlords are legally obligated to provide one. Failure to comply could result in severe penalties, including unlimited fines and possible imprisonment.
The law requires landlords to have a gas safety inspection conducted by a registered Gas Safe engineer every 12 months. This annual check ensures that all gas appliances, pipework, and flues provided for tenants are safe and working correctly. Once the inspection is completed, the engineer will issue a new Gas Safety Certificate, which landlords must keep for a minimum of two years.
During a gas safety inspection, we conduct a series of checks to ensure the safety of all gas appliances, systems, and pipework in your rental property. These checks include testing appliances for gas tightness, checking standing and working gas pressure, checking burner pressure against the manufacturer’s guidelines, inspecting for adequate ventilation, ensuring flue flow effectively removes combustion products, and assessing safety devices for correct operation.
Failing to have a valid Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate is a serious offence. If you cannot provide an up-to-date certificate when requested, you are in breach of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe, including unlimited fines and up to six months in prison. Moreover, your property insurance may be invalidated, and you could be held liable for any injuries caused by faulty gas appliances.
You can obtain a Gas Safety Certificate by arranging for New Age Boilers to inspect your property’s gas appliances, installations, and systems. It’s crucial to ensure the engineer is Gas Safe registered – this confirms they are qualified to carry out gas work safely and to a high standard. After the inspection, if everything meets the required safety standards, the engineer will issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate.