What to think about When Buying a New Boiler 2021

What to think about when Buying a New Boiler 2020


With Winter knocking at the door, many households are looking to upgrade their boilers to ensure houses are heated without any disruptions.

Unlike other appliances that are usually simple to replace throughout a home, boilers can be somewhat complex and require careful research to prevent any problems. However, even with your own research, it is recommended to contact a heating engineer to make sure they check your heating system to be on the safe side.

Installation Costs

Installation costs will differ greatly from household to household. Below we have listed some of the contributing factors that will impact the price of the installation.

  • The type of boiler you have at the moment
  • The size of your household
  • The potential new boiler you want to be installed
  • Location if you want to change it
  • If your pipes require any upgrade
  • The controls you want fitted
  • The warranty that comes with it
  • Additional work required to clean your current system to ensure efficiency

Trying to keep costs down is no surprise when purchasing a boiler. However, it is recommended to be very careful with your options otherwise it will cost you more in the long-term. For example, purchasing a cheap boiler will save you in the short-term, but if it is constantly breaking down or is inefficient when heating the house, the costs will stack up.

What to focus on

When choosing the actual boiler there are 3 main points that you need to consider.

  • The quality of the boiler
  • The suitability for the homeowner requirements
  • Ensuring the warranty covers everything you need it to


When looking at quality, the best indication is the company that produces the boiler. There are many high-quality boiler manufacturers that are affordable for the average household.

  • Visemann Boilers
  • Vaillant Boilers
  • Worcester Boilers
  • Baxi Boilers

If you want more information about the boilers listed, please click hereWe at New Age Installations provide essential information about all boilers to ensure you understand all the specifications.


Ensuring you have the right boiler for the right home is of utmost importance. Having a boiler that is made only for a small house with a few bedrooms will not perform well or be anywhere as efficient as a higher quality boiler made for larger homes if you have a sizable house with many bedrooms and bathrooms.


Ensuring you have the right warranty for your boiler can be the difference between saving money and not having to buy another boiler for 7/10 years or potentially having to buy another expensive boiler soon after your first purchase. Always look at what the warranty is before buying a boiler to make sure your boiler will be a long-term, cost-efficient investment. Please view the boilers on our website to find some of the best warranties for quality, well-renowned boilers.

Installers you can rely on

Now you’ve seen all the necessary information when choosing a boiler, finding the right installer is next.

If you live near or in Southampton, New Age Boilers are here to help. Our friendly team of qualified experts will find the right boiler for your household and then install it quickly and smoothly.

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