Is it Still Worth Buying a Gas Boiler?

Is it Still Worth Buying a Gas Boiler?


Have you ever considered investing in a new boiler in Southampton, only to find yourself wondering: “will gas boilers be banned?” If this is a question you have been asking yourself, our experts are on hand today to help you find out a little more about the way that things are likely to go – and what this might mean for your Southampton home overall.

Will Gas Boilers be Banned?

Many homes rely on gas systems – however, recent announcements that the UK government would be banning gas boilers in many homes have left people in turmoil. Indeed, our homes are often reliant on gas; in fact, according to EDF, as many as 80% of UK homes are currently powered by natural gas systems for heating. This can make it seem like a pointless step to invest in a new gas boiler for your Southampton home – however, this may not actually be the case.

In fact, while the government has announced that it will focus on banning gas boilers by 2025, this is only applicable to new-build properties. As such, these changes will primarily impact developers looking to install a new boiler for their Southampton building projects; developers will need to ensure that new properties are equipped with the relevant renewable systems. However, current homeowners won’t need to worry about this for the moment.

Why Are Gas Boilers Being Banned for New Build Properties?

Gas boilers are set to be banned for new-build properties from 2025 as part of the UK’s Climate Change pledge. This new change was announced in the “UK Housing: Fit for the Future” report, which made changes to ensure that the future of British housing will be less reliant on fossil fuels overall.

The Alternatives to Gas Boilers

What are the main alternatives to traditional gas boilers on your property? With the new changes, developers may need to consider alternative options for heating properties, such as investing in heat pump technologies. These rely partially on heat from either the ground or the external environment and store this within the property. In turn, this could cut the energy requirements needed to heat your home.

Is it Still Worth Buying a Gas Boiler?

At this point, you’re likely still wondering about the main question from today’s article: is it still worth buying a gas boiler? Well, this likely depends on who you are and your interests in properties.

For example, as a property developer, investing in a new gas boiler for your Southampton projects would likely be a poor choice; this would potentially cut the demand for your new builds drastically, with consumers becoming more aware of the limitations on gas boilers.

However, if you are a current homeowner, you don’t necessarily need to worry so much about the question of “will gas boilers be banned?” Indeed, since these changes are currently only being implemented for new builds, your current home is unlikely to be affected by these changes any time soon. As such, if you’ve been comfortably using a gas boiler thus far, investing in a new gas boiler could be an excellent solution – and won’t require you to install brand new and expensive heating systems in your home.

What’s more, new gas boiler technologies are still highly effective and can offer an excellent, long-term solution. Moreover, if your home is suitable, you could also consider investing in a hybrid boiler system to cut your energy usage potentially by around three quarters or more – not a bad change!

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to find out more about investing in a new boiler in Southampton, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to learn more. We’re thrilled to offer some of the most valuable solutions for our local clients, which is why we’re one of the top choices for boiler installers in the region.

While the question of “will gas boilers be banned” is one that likely won’t go away any time soon, for the time being, this is only applicable on new builds. As such, if your home is already setup to use gas systems, these could still be excellent options to invest in for your home.

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