How long does it take to fit a new boiler?

How long does it take to fit a new boiler?

For those looking to take the plunge and invest in a new boiler, you will most likely wonder how long the installation process takes. Keep in mind that boilers come in a range of sizes and shapes, therefore we have categorised the average waiting time for each.

The estimates we provide are averages, your own experience can differ depending on the complexity of the installation. So, let’s begin.

Boiler Types and Location

Regular boiler to a Combi boiler – If your property currently uses a regular boiler and you’re looking to upgrade to a more efficient combi boiler, then the installation process can take longer. The heating engineer tasked with installing your boiler will take approximately two days to finish it. This is considerably longer than a straight boiler swap (combi to combi) due to the extra work carried out. For example, the engineer will most likely need to get underneath floorboards and reach other hidden away places before the boiler can be used.

Straight Boiler Swap – Are you looking to replace your old boiler with a new boiler of the same type, like an old combi boiler for a new combi boiler? As this requires minimal change to your current system, this will not take longer than 4-6 hours to get a brand new boiler up and running in your home.

Relocating your Boiler – Do you need to change the location of your boiler? If so, this will take 2-3 days to complete as the engineer may need to make changes to your pipework or add new parts to the location to ensure the new boiler still works perfectly. The further away the new location is to your current location, the longer it will take and the pricier the installation service will be.

Other features that impact the installation time

Failing to meet gas safety regulations – Your system will need to meet gas safety regulations in order for a new boiler to be installed. A common problem that prevents a heating system from passing the regulations is that the gas supply pipe isn’t 22m thick. This is seen often due to older systems (15 years and older) only being 15mm before the regulation changed. To ensure they are met it will probably take another half a day.

Smart Control Installation – Smart Controls are a great way to improve the ease of use of the boiler, and most importantly, to save money on your energy bills. Another advantage of Smart Controls is that they do not take too long to install, taking only one hour in most cases!

Flushing the heating system – Over the years your heating system can accumulate unwanted dirt, rust, and sludge that circulates around the system. This problem can make heating your home harder and more costly. Heating engineers can effectively remove the debris by performing a chemical flush that removes all stuff that is clogging up your pipes. The process will add additional 2-4 hours to the boiler installation timeline.

Magnetic boiler filter – You may have not heard of this before, however, it is insanely useful at extending the life expectancy of your boiler and heating system. Any rust, dirt, or other unpleasant substance is caught by the filter. This combats your system needing to work twice as hard over its lifespan. This can take 2 hours.

Talk to an expert

For a more accurate duration when installing a new boiler, it is best to speak to our local Southampton based professionals. Contact us so we can provide a specialised answer on how long it will take for you. Got any other questions? No problem, our friendly staff would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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