Easy Tips To Help You Save On Your Energy Costs This Winter

Save Energy Costs: Easy Tips To Help You Save On Your Energy Costs This Winter


Winter can be an expensive time of the year for many people. With the cold weather impacting many parts of everyday life and taking its toll on your belongings, we’ve come up with some small changes that can make all the difference in saving you money.

Every household is unique and not all the tips listed may help. However, we hope that a few give you some useful ideas on how to save more during the winter months.

Get Layering

Sometimes, even just putting on a jumper can make you feel warm and cozy again in your home! This inexpensive change can be the difference between having to pay more for your heating and saving loads of money.

Small but Powerful Temperature Control

The next time you decide to turn on your heating, try putting it one degree lower than you usually would. This change may not sound like much, but the cost reduction will be considered once winter has finished.

Easy Tips To Help Free Loft Insulation

British Gas could insulate your loft for free! That’s right, all you need to do is to answer a few questions about your property. Once answered, an insulator will be around within the next couple of days to install it.

It’s no secret that good roof insulation can retain a lot of heat which means you can save big amounts on your heating costs.

Easy Tips To Help Smart Heating

Smart controls are a great way to reduce your spending on heating. By connecting your boiler to your phone through an app, you can turn the heating on just as you get home to ensure you always come back to a warm home to relax in after a long day at work.

Enhanced Heating Control Throughout the House

Following on from smart heating, you can set the temperature of all rooms separately through an app. By adjusting each room to your desired temperature you can set some rooms lower resulting in major savings on your heating bill.


Opening and closing your curtains at specific times of the day is a great way to save money on your heating. By opening your curtains during the day when the sun is shining through your windows and then shutting the curtains when the sun goes down, you can trap the heat caught by the sun in your home.  By exploiting the natural resources of the sun, your home will be heated for free.

Easy Tips To Help Upgrading your boiler

Although this option may be a little more involved than the rest, it can definitely save you money over the long term. If you reside in Southampton or the surrounding area and want more information about upgrading your boiler, please contact us here.

It’s surprising how inefficient old boilers are compared to the new models. Technology has really advanced and boilers are no exception to this. Furthermore, many come with robust warranties to ensure you are covered throughout their lifetime giving you peace of mind.

This is how you can save energy costs in Winter, Summer, and in any season.

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