The Importance of Annual Servicing

The Importance of Annual Servicing


Frequently heating your home all year round creates a lot of strain on your boiler. Continuing to use your heating system without checking it properly can lead to it breaking down and making you unable to heat your home in the cold winter months. Servicing a boiler annually helps you to make sure that it will stay in pristine condition and is in safe working order for the rest of the year. Read below to find more information about why it is so important to service your boiler annually.


Most boilers last between 10 to 15 years if they have been serviced at least once a year. Annual servicing can help with this, if there are any parts of the boiler that are starting to degrade, the heating engineer can replace these quickly, ensuring that your heating system will work as intended for longer.

Not servicing or maintaining your boiler regularly can lead to it breaking down and needing to be completely replaced. As a boiler is quite a large investment, this could be more costly for you to not annually service in the long run.


Making sure your boiler is running at optimal performance is crucial in order to save money on your heating bills. If your heating system isn’t checked properly your heating pump can start to clog up. This can lead to more energy being required to heat your home, causing the energy bills to pile up.

Servicing your boiler can absolve you of these problems as the heating engineers can check to ensure that it is running at maximum performance and there are no potential problems that could reduce the efficiency in the near future.


Making sure that your boiler is in good condition is imperative in ensuring that no potential safety hazards will arise and put your home and your family at risk. An unsafe heating system won’t only cause damage to the boiler itself and the surrounding area, but could also increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. As carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, you would have no idea you were even being poisoned. Annually servicing your boiler can massively reduce these risks, leaving your home and your loved ones safe once more.

Legal Ramifications

Landlords are solely responsible for keeping tenants safe in the properties they own. This includes Boilers. The Gas Safety Regulations 1998 sets out guidelines for all property owners that have tenants to follow to ensure their safety.

The boiler must meet the legal requirement threshold for any new or existing tenants inside the house. This type of check must be carried out by a professional, if you’re interested in annual serving options in Southampton, please click here.

Along with the boiler, you must ensure to carry out a gas safety test as a landlord. This is required by law every year as well.

To Summarise

Boilers are and always will be complex pieces of machinery. To keep all properties safe and running efficiently they should be checked once a year. For more information on booking a certified engineer please click here.

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