Tips to prepare your boiler before winter

Nothing is more annoying as the winter months drag on than having your heating system break down on you.

You can take certain steps to prevent future boiler breakdowns if you are currently experiencing them. Specifically, make a little effort to prepare your boiler for the chilly winter.

The following steps should be taken to “winterproof” your boiler at least one month before winter arrives in full force:

Having your boiler serviced

With most boiler systems, annual boiler service is recommended and deemed necessary to fulfill warranty requirements. An excellent tip is to schedule your servicing before the winter, when you’ll be using your heating the most, to identify any fundamental problems. An engineer will clean your boiler’s parts and components as part of a boiler service. By doing so, the engineer can ensure that every component operates well. Then if anyting is damaged or worn out it may be replaced, leaving your boiler in flawless operating order.

A boiler pressure check

Your boiler’s efficiency may suffer if the pressure drops too low. Take the gauge reading to determine your boiler’s pressure. In order to boost the pressure to the proper level, if it is too low, utilise the filling loop. To avoid pressure spikes while your system warms up, it is advisable to aim for the low end of the range.

Radiators should be bled.

Your radiators may develop air entrapments that interfere with the efficient circulation of heated water around them. Your radiator will heat up at the bottom but turn cold at the top, which makes it take longer to warm a space. Now is the moment to bleed the radiators to heat your home effectively.

Test your thermostat.

A broken thermostat might give the wrong reading for the room’s temperature, making it excessively hot or too cold. The valve that opens to allow the radiator to heat will not get a signal if the thermostat is broken. Therefore your heating system won’t operate well, also the other hand, your thermostat can not know when to turn off the heat, resulting in an excessively heated environment.


By taking these precautions, you should be able to avoid any difficulties or system shutdowns as the winter approaches. Contact us to schedule a service, set up a repair, or ask any inquiries.

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