Why you Should be Testing the Water in Your Heating System

Why you Should be Testing the Water in Your Heating System


Are you one of the many households that leaves your boiler running and only give it a second glance once there is a problem? During the winter months, there is nothing more essential than feeling cozy in your home, and to keep this going your boiler needs to be in top condition.

One way you can ensure your boiler won’t run into any problems is by testing the water ensuring it is constantly pumping around in your heating system properly. This procedure is especially useful for systems that are old to improve their performance without being too costly. Saving you from having to buy brand new pipes or other parts.

What happens if it’s not tested?


For older systems that have seen a lot of use throughout their lifespan, the internal parts could be very strained and perform badly. This could even lead to your system breaking down.

Sludge and dirty from the inside of your pipes will fill-up and circulate the system. If that gets too great, the system will break.

Corrosion and loss of pressure are common problems with these systems causing the boiler not to heat up correctly which unfortunately leads to cold water and loss of heat in your home.

Kits Available


If you’re interested in testing the water for yourself there are many tools at your disposal. The most common type is a simple turbidity test which will check the quality of the system’s water and provide solutions for improving it.

So how do these tests help?

  • Can prevent boiler breakdown
  • Maintain maximum system efficiency
  • Extend the overall life of your boiler

How do you use it?


Take a sample from your central heating system, following the kit’s instructions as it checks the quality. Take further action depending on the outcome if needed.

If the outcome requires you to clean the system, a special cleaner will be required to bring your system back to optimal efficiency. Please refer to the next section if this was your result and you want an expert to carry out the service.

Call a professional


If you are worried that your boiler may break down from a water issue you have identified or are uncomfortable with how to carry out the test yourself, why not call a professional?

All our engineers are highly trained and can perform top-quality water testing checks on your boiler in minutes. If there is something wrong we can work to fix these problems as soon as possible, preventing your boiler from breaking down and keeping you warm in the coming winter months. Contact us today to solve any boiler issues you may have.

Remote Monitoring


At New Age Boilers, we provide some of the most innovative technology in Water Testing for heating systems. We can test your water in your heating systems in seconds, ensuring that your boiler stays active and performing well, eliminating the chance that your home will be left in the cold.

Our top-quality monitoring systems can measure Inhibitor, Corrosion, and Ph levels in under 3 minutes. With these constant checks,  if an error occurs,  we will straight away understand the problem and fix your heating systems almost immediately, keeping you warm in your home once more.

You can read more at our water system testing page

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